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Training: Mobile Application Development

About the training

Revolutionize App Development with React Native

This is a structured educational program designed to equip individuals with the skills and knowledge to create and maintain applications specifically tailored for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.
This training program covers a wide array of topics related to mobile app development,
including programming languages, frameworks, design principles, user experience (UX) considerations, and app deployment.

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Training Content

Introduction to Mobile Technologies & Setting up Development Environment
✓ Introduction to React Native
✓ Advantages and use cases
✓ Setting up development environment (Node.js, npm, React Native CLI)
✓ Creating your first React Native project
✓ Understanding the project structure
✓ Running your app on Android and iOS simulators/emulators

React Basics & Navigation
✓ Understanding React components
✓ Creating and rendering components
✓ Styling components with CSS-in-JS (StyleSheet)
✓ Introduction to React Navigation
✓ Creating a basic navigation structure
✓ Navigating between screens
✓ Adding navigation headers

React State Management & Redux
✓ React state, props, and component lifecycle
✓ Handling user input and events
✓ Introduction to React Hooks
✓ Introduction to Redux for state management
✓ Setting up Redux in a React Native app
✓ Defining actions, reducers, and the store
✓ Connecting React components to Redux

Building the Joke App & Development
✓ Designing the Chuck Norris joke app UI
✓ Implementing Redux for state management
✓ Fetching Chuck Norris jokes from an API
✓ Implementing the “Tell Me a Joke” button
✓ Adding a splash screen
✓ Styling the app
✓ Testing on physical devices
✓ Introduction to TypeScript

Advanced Topics & Development
✓ Introduction to React Hook Form for form handling
✓ Implementing form for user interaction
✓ Basic animations using Reanimated
✓ Creating a production-ready APK (Android)
✓ Deploying the app on the Google Play Store
✓ Preparing the app for the Apple App Store
✓ Course wrap-up and Q&A

Topics to be covered throughout the Training

✓ Git version control basics
✓ npm package management
✓ React Native best practices
✓ Debugging and troubleshooting in React Native
✓ Performance optimization in React Native
✓ Handling app permissions and security
✓ App deployment strategies and considerations
✓ Introduction to testing in React Native (unit testing and UI testing)

Training details


✓ 11-15 September 2023 - Completed
✓ 09:00 to 13:00
✓ MNS Training Centre, Silicon Ave, Ebene

Additional information

✓ 20 hours of coursework and hand-on training
✓ Beginner level
✓ English spoken
✓ MQA Approved



✓ Laptop/PC with a minimum of 8GB RAM

Installed software

✓ Visual Studio Code
✓ Android Studio


✓ Basic understanding of web development, including HTML,
CSS, and JavaScript

Trainer Profile

Danilo Pootaren

• ReactJS
• React styled-components
• Functional components
• Class components
• Lodash Library
• React with typescript

For more information

Call on +230 401 6800

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