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TradeNet Single Window – TradeNet Electronic Payment System – TEPS


This secure web based system allows electronic payments for Customs duties to be effected separately from the Customs declaration. Hence, several declarations can be grouped together to be paid in one single payment instruction, all debited from one single account, thus saving on bank charges.

Also confidential information such as bank account number will only be known to the person preparing the payment instruction

Registration and information


Any person wishing to use the TradeNet Electronic Payment System must register with MNS by following the procedures below:

Direct Debit

MNS bills can now be paid via direct debit with the the SBM BANK (MAURITIUS) LTD (SBM), the Mauritius Commercial Bank Ltd (MCB) and the Absa Bank (Mauritius) Limited. Once we receive your original instruction, we will set the direct debit with the respective bank.

For first time applicants the deadline for submission of the original application form will be the 14th of each month.
Those willing to avail of this facility are kindly requested to fill in the applications form below: