Our solution for public debt helps government manage it more effectively as part of sound financial management, and to abide to national and international financial norms and commitments.

For the global business sector, a major pillar of the economy experiencing sustained growth throughout the years, our solution has helped to usher in a paperless environment for entities dealing with the regulator, thus helping to enhance its competitiveness.

To enhance the competitiveness of a financial services centre, it is imperative to have an efficient and transparent license application process.

The Online Application and Processing System is a state-of-the-art web-based application for entities to apply for global business licenses, renewal of licenses, and online payment of fees.

It also acts as a single submission point in the global licensing process when clearance from other regulators is required, by exchanging information with other external systems.

The Public Debt Monitoring System is a web-based application that allows government and public enterprises to send information on terms of loan, outstanding debt, and overdraft facilities online to the Ministry of Finance in a structured electronic format.

By interfacing with the Commonwealth Secretariat Debt Recording and Management System (CS-DRMS 2000+), it provides government with accurate and timely reporting on public debt.