Project - CNP - Contributions Network
CNP Phases
Phase I - Launched in May 2000 E-filing & payment of

Phase II - Launched in July 2001 E-filing & payment of NPF & NSF contributions & IVTB levy

Phase III - Launched in January 2002 E-filing & payment of corporate tax.

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photo1 In view to enhance our competitiveness, a study financed by the World Bank through a loan from the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) in February 1999, recommended an electronic network to allow the submission of returns and payment of taxes to the Mauritius Revenue Authority, and contributions to the Ministry of Social Security.

With the obvious benefits of a more efficient tax collection system, and better service to the public, the Ministry of Finance decided to implement the project, which has today evolved into a national portal for e-filing of returns and payment of taxes and contributions.

Returns To
VAT for companies, banks MRA
Annual return of employees MRA
Corporate tax (Companies, Banks, Insurances, Trusts) MRA
Advance Payment Scheme MRA
Passenger Fee MRA
Tax deduction at source (Interest and non-interest) MRA
Yearly TDS MRA
NPF (NPS/NSF/HRDC) Ministry of
Social Security

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