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As the pioneer in implementing Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) in Mauritius, our mission is to provide quality value-added network services connecting businesses and government.

With a team of dedicated and service-oriented professionals, our solutions help our customers improve their services and competitive edge.

In this challenging era of Information and Communications Technology, we invite you to join us in our vision  of bringing Mauritius...

Towards an
Information Age...


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Mauritius Network Services
Following the recommendation to increase the use of IT by the World Bank in 1992, studies were initiated in November 1993 to examine the feasibility of implementing an electronic network that facilitates existing trade documentation process.

After detailed system studies and intensive industry discussions, it was evident that a Value-Added Network (VAN) operator needed to be set up to operate the electronic network. This network would first operate a system modeled after the successful TradeNet System in Singapore, and eventually implement other systems.

This VAN would be a tripartite joint venture company involving public and private sector representatives and a foreign technical partner.  It would also operate autonomously and has to be self sustainable in the long run.  After carefully examining the costs and benefits of such a proposition, the decision to set up Mauritius Network Services was made.

Mauritius Network Services was incorporated in April 1994.
Mauritius Network Services
Mauritius Network Services
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